22 Jan

Basic Soul Unit Boiler Room Set

You'll have to forgive me for taking a detour from the norm today, as i'm going to feature a video from Boiler Room in the Basic Soul Unit set from last November.

Basic Soul Unit Boiler Room Set

I try to shy away form DJ mixes or from things like this as it's a bit of a cop out, for someone who's posting about music to use someone else selection… but i've long been a fan of BSU and his particular brand of deep house, and in the process of catching up with the Boiler Room sets i popped this on and by the end of the first track just had to share it.

it's 45 minutes, and is both melodic and stomping in equal amounts… i'll leave it there, and let you enjoy.

There is also a cracking little interview and downloadable set on: Okkana.com which is also where i took todays image from…

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