09 Mar

B.G. Baarregaard – Flashback (In My Mind)

How is it i'm more tired on a Monday morning than a Friday evening 🙂 it's surely one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the universe. No problem though, just crack on and before leaving for work a tad earlier than usual i updated some of the content on my Nexus, and settled down on the train to wade through a few tracks i hadn't really got around to giving proper attention. In among all that was:

B.G. Baarregaard – Flashback (In My Mind)

I like B.G Baaregaards stuff, it's got that nice off kilter scando-disco sound about it, and there is a pretty wry sense of humour behind a lot of the tracks and Re-edits – his remix of Mark Morrisons – Return of the Mack on Whiskey Disco is pretty bloody hilarious, but also pretty darn catchy at the same time.

Hailing from Reykjavik, but now settled in Oslo, he's been getting a lot of attention over the last few years with his material.

Flashback (In My Mind) is one of the simpler pleasures in life, just a nice soulful groove that been looped over and over again with vocal chops dropping in here and there… it's about as loungey as you get. Nice mellow drums and filters and synths combine with space disco effects to make you float away.

Anyway, I picked this up a while a go and just never got around to it, so Flashback by name, Flashback (a few months) by nature.


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