20 Nov

Ave Blaste & P. Lopez – Jungle Days

People think it's easy writing a music blog, you just pick a track that's been sent to you and make it sound good even if you don't like it. But I like to think that's not how we work, the selection of music is genuinely stuff we listen to on a daily basis and for promo music to get on here it has to be something that we throw on our Mp3 player and listen to more than once…that's why we so seldom feature promo'd material. 

So I think when we feature music that's been sent to us it's really special, and todays is, for me anyway, a really special track.

Ave Blaste & P. Lopez – Jungle Days

The track is on the new EP from Keep Up! records, who i've known for a while and have always sent me promo material.. yet like an ungrateful brat I think this is the first time I've actually featured one of their tracks. Never mind though as it's an absolute belter of a track.

The track is in itself very simplistic, that's meant in a good way. I make no bones about it on ths blog i like simple music that leads me on a journey and the deeper that journey the better it usually is for me. 

Deep filtered pads, and a rolling bassline and drums it's a track that reminds of those magical moments on the dancefloor at Space, or Fridays r' firin. it's a track straight out of the Kenny Hawkes/DJ Harri record box. It's the kind of track that just locks you in, pulsing along with everyone else, the drops are timed perfectly and the breakbeat-esque drum track comes and goes at exactly the right moment, add to that the souly vocals that drift up every now and then… yeah, it's a gem. Funnily enough listening to it reminds me a lot of Early Global Communications/Jedi knights material, that blending of early Jungle production techniques and deep hosue synths that never quite make the track one or the other.

The whole EP itself is very good, also featuring strong offerings from Tom Central and Phrij, I don't know the release date but i'd imagine it would be soon, and if you like it I hope you will support it.


Playlist Tuesday 20th November 2012

It was a slightly more awake Aapie that set off this morning, and i decided to liven things up with some deep house. I sat down on the train and set procedings going with Rodrigues Jr  – Satellite, after being reminded of it yesterday by two friends on facebook. From there i jumped to the chosen track of today, and zoned out as the country side sped past at a breath taking rate. I let the Ep run and caught the Acid Disco deep house of Phrij – Zigzaggard, and the jungle two step of Tom Central – B.O.S.S. 

From there i decided to go back to the old school and listened to L T J Bukem – Return to Atlantis. Decided to let random do it's job from there and it took me to the Deep & Disco edit of the Clashes Magnificent Dance – Whattawegot? But i was struggling to get past the chosen track so i rewound (can you rewind an MP3 player) and played that through a couple of times before i decided to choose it for todays blog. At that point i bumped into a colleague and decided to spend the rest of the journey being polite…

Playlist: Rodriguez Jr – Satellite, Ave Blaste & P. Lopez – Jungle Days, Phrij, – Zigzaggard, Tom Central – B.O.S.S. LTJ Bukem – Return to Atlantis, Deep & Disco – Whattawegot?


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