10 Jan

The Avalanches – A Different Feeling (Ernest St Laurent Remix)

It's been a long week. First back after the Holiday break and a new job to boot has made it hectic but interesting. My journey is pretty much the same, and i've been listening to quite a mixture of new and old music… new music for me tends to be anything form the last 6 months or so, and old tends to be anything past that. It's funny how many tracks within that category still sound amazing to me, i guess that's why they are still making it onto my play lists years after their release, and today’s choice is very much one of those tracks.

The Avalanches – A Different Feeling (Ernest St Laurent Remix) 

I've featured the Avalanches before with the GI mix and today when I left for work everyone was still in bed, and being dog tired i needed something uptempo and uplifting but not overly frenetic… and about 30-40 minutes into my journey is truck gold with A different Feeling. Funnily it was only on my player as i'd ripped it last week and just transferred it with a bunch of other tracks, but i'm glad i did.

The track is obviously a remix of what was one of my favourite tracks from the LP. While the original is very much about the kaleidoscope of samples and how they fit together the Ernest St Laurent remix goes a different route and transposes a lot of the melodies to synths and the vocal sample gets chopped and twisted, all on the most happy and uplifting of bass lines. It's nicely mid tempo, not too buys, but just energetic enough and the pad and string melodies really make you soar, and sits right in the middle of the Parisian disco jazz house scene that was so prominent in the late 90's early 00's with St Germain etc…. 

I tried finding some info on Paris based Ernest St Laurent but it was few and far between and he seems to have dropped right off the radar, he's had a few productions out and remixed tons of people but that’s pretty much where the trail ends. Not to worry though as what is out there is very mcuh worth checking out.

Anyway, it was one of those tracks that i'd use for a deep house or disco set and would always get asked about. Understandably so, as it's just a track that makes you want to soul walk across the dance floor.Interestingly it was released as the flip to a very poor Paperclip People remix of A Different Feeling, and also came hidden away on as a bonus track on a B side to Electricity rather than A Different Feeling, but it's probably the best remix of the Avalanches in my mind.


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