10 Jul

Autre Ne Veut – Drama Cum Drama








I have written a few of these blog posts now and so I may have said this before, but while I really like music, I am quite lazy and not one for reading loads and loads about bands. In my brain I like to listen to the music without any influence and make my own mind up. After that I may find out a bit more about certain bands/artists etc. Sometimes I will go back to an album and realise that A) it is an album I really love and B) that I know sod all about who produced it. Autre Ne Veut’s self titled album is one of those.

So I had a quick snoop and as always there is a great review of the album on Pitchfork, when it came out in 2010. They advise that the guy behind the band likes to keep his identity secret which explains why there isn’t actually a huge amount about him that is prominent. He does have a presence on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter which are worth checking out.

So why is his stuff interesting? Well, as I have banged on about before, I do like stuff that mixes up styles and genres. It’s a difficult album to explain – kind of like Prince meets Animal Collective. Kind of like an alternative, electronic, Soul/R&B act. It is tremendous stuff, an album that really stood out at the time and an album I always go back to.

It was hard to pick a track but I decided to go for ‘Drama Cum Drama’ – quite a minimal track, a bit New Order, a bit 80’s Soul – I love it’s simplicity, the way it just gets into a groove dropping elements in and out and the way the vocal builds and changes up at the end . Really, really superb stuff and if it is well worth your pennies to pick the album up.


Playlist Tuesday 10th July 2012

So I jumped in the car, plugged in my phone and scrolled through the albums. Didn’t get very far as this was one of the first albums on there (it begins with A after all). Happy as a lark, me the wife and the boy headed to work. The rain has been so heavy recently for so long, I have had to take a different route to work as the roads have been flooded. Bit hacked off to come to another ‘Road Closed’ sign it was so0n forgotten as I boogied and sang along to the album. Just as it finished I reached work.

Playlist: Autre Ne Veut – Autre Ne Veut (Album)

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