08 Jan

Auntie Flo – Sun Ritual




So, it is my first post back after Christmas and New Year – hope everyone had a good one. Now, due to the fact i didn`t really have a commute today and the fact that i had a pretty lousy day at work, my post is going to be a short one. Another reason is that i am posting up a track by someone i have covered before – Auntie Flo.

I was a big fan of his album last year and i am a big fan of todays track – Sun Ritual (obviously you might say). It is from a split 12 on the tremendous Kompakt label and the track is a bit more straight ahead than anything off his album – it is almost a straight ahead house track but the tribal percussion and chimes let you know who it is. That sound takes me back to David Morale`s `In De Ghetto` track and makes me want to start shouting `Jamming in de ghetto`. Saying that, this is far more sophisticated and understated. It starts up with some lovely percussion and then starts building, the bass starts to let you in on the melody, them the chimes come in and were off. Lovely stuff and if you like it, please buy it.

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