25 May

Auntie Flo – Haven’t Got Any Body






Every now and again, something comes along that blows you away. That is how I felt when I came across the Auntie Flo mini album – Future Rhythm Machine. From the moment I started checking out the tracks online I knew I was picking it up…mere moments later the download button was hit.

Auntie Flo is Brian d’Souza, from Goa originally, via Glasgow. Now, it is a cliché to say that people with travelled, international backgrounds illustrate this through their music, but on this album it is true with simply awesome results. To know more about Auntie Flo, don’t listen to me, just head to his site http://auntieflo.in/ . This is one you just have to listen to and get as I could sit here all day trying to explain the styles, sounds and influences and I would almost certainly get it terribly wrong. The main components, African sounds and vocals, electronics and jazz forms will probably be a good start, but it is the sum of the parts and the craft behind each track that makes this work stand out.

Picking a track was exceptionally difficult, but in the end, the broken beats of the opening track, ‘Haven’t Got Any Body’ beat the African shuffle and Chilean vocals of ‘La Samaria’ but I could have stuck any up. The track is just a beauty, the harmonics of it just taking you over and pulling you in and along with the broken beats. I’m going to shut up, just have a listen. It really is an astounding piece of work – get it from Bleep.com


Playlist Thursday 24th May 2012

Today was all about the above album. Very happy that I could head to work on the train just wearing a tshirt due to the awesome weather, I went straight to this and listened to it non-stop till I hit work. I woke up in a rubbish mood due to a bee infestation returning (won’t bore you with details) and the fact that I had to leave the wife and boy on such a beautiful day but as the first bars of ‘Haven’t Got Any Body’ kicked in all became good again. At work, me and some colleagues took up working outside and I ordered them all to listen to this album…and they liked it.

Playlist: Auntie Flo – Future Rhythm Machine (album) 

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