23 Sep

Audiowhores – One Time (Deep Vibe Mix)

I sometimes worry we don't cover enough new music, but this blog has always been about what we're listening to at the moment, regardless of if i's bang up to date, or decades old. Yeah sometimes we'll feature stuff we get sent, but we're not really a review site and everything we feature we feature because we genuinely love it. Sometimes that even results in Fourbears and myself squabbling as to who will feature a specific track.


Keeping on top of music can be hard, especially when it's no your primary job, so occasionally i'll go on a bit of a binge and stock up and today i'm going to feature a track i picked up yesterday.


I'm a big house fan, especially deep house, but a lot of the time it's so bastardised that it's hard to know where deep house ends and progressive starts etc… anyway, the point is i like a certain type of deep house, and the primary factor is it has to have a groove to it, and that's what drew me in with One Time.


Like many deep house tracks it's simple, a pounding 4/4 beat drives the track along, bu it's the slow introduction of meloidies and the vocals that really tear this track up for me. The wood-block style bass, the soulful chopped vocal, the switches – it just all holds together to deliver a nice pumping track that is as pleasant to listen on the train as it is (I imagine) to wriggle on the dancefloor to.


It conjures up memories of Blue Boy, Global Communications and a bunch of other 90's deep house artists, but with the added production values of groups like Discolosure and Booka Shade.


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