03 Jul

Au Revoir Simone – Somebody Who (NZCA/Lines Remix)

My drive to work was one of those blurs. I have no real idea how I got there, I took no notice of my surroundings and what was playing. Probably due to me being woken at 5.30am by my son.

So tonight I am going to stick up something I came across a few weeks back and that has been getting many plays since..

NZCA/Lines remix of New York’s, Au Revoir Simone’s, Somebody Who.

It’s from their upcoming remix album Spectrum, on the excellent Moshi Moshi label. I don’t know NZCA/Lines work particularly, but I am very familiar with Au Revoir Simones work, having collected various bits of their stuff over the years.

Their brand of synth pop has developed over time and incorporated more dance/disco elements, but has always leant itself well to remixing. And this one is a beaut. It’s pure disco, synth pop awesomeness, that takes the excellent original and gives it bit more impetus, a bit more house and a bit more disco. Awesome stuff.



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