18 Feb Atmosphere

Atmosphere – Dancing in Outer Space (The Revenge Rework)

Up early thanks to my wee lad, and I managed to get to the station in time to catch a slightly earlier train meaning a nice relaxing journey in with almost no one else in my carriage. So feet on table (not really), magazine in hand and headphones in and relax to:

Atmosphere – Dancing in Outer Space (The Revenge Re-work)

Growing up in deepest Darkest Essex you tended to get exposed to a lot of Soul and Dance Music, and a classic track at the many Funk, Boogie and Soul nights was Dancing in Outer Space. The original is deep space disco with an afro-jazz tinge to it. But the Revenge have thrown that right out the window and turned it into a simple four four loopy stomper.

Every time I feature a re-edit or re-work on here I mention that sounding simple doesn’t mean it is, there is a real art to taking the smallest of parts building it back into an interesting track without ever losing the feel of the original, and despite their being a little of the original left in the re-work it’s unmistakable as “Dancing in Outer space”.

The track, as mentioned above, is a very tracky slice of deep house, the small one/two bar loop seldom changing, but the tapped bass line and driving drums urge the track on leading to a 2step reggae style guitar lick being integral to the closing stanza of the track. It’s about as simple (but not really) as it comes, and a superb slice of dance floor mayhem.

Two posts about projects from the 6th Borough boys in as many days may seem excessive but they’re both gems, enjoy

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