20 Mar

Ash Reynolds – Mysterious Vibe

It's very sunny here today, down on the Mediterranean and as such I spent a large chunk of the day (after work) sitting down on the sea front just listening to music. Some old, some new, all of it summery.


Anyway, in amongst everything i stumbled over this old Ash Reynolds track, Mysterious Vibes which is essentially a cut up of The Blackbyrds amazing Mysterious Vibes, pitched up looped and worked with a lovely snapping drum track. Biggie makes a few appearances throughout it but hey whatever, the point is it's just a wonderful summery groove, perfect for around the pool, sat on the lounge or strutting your stuff on the (multicoloured dance floor).


It's a simple track, but that's also what's so good about it, it's not overly complicated, not trying to be anything other than a smile inducing groove. Which it nails.




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