02 Sep

Asava – Na Pali

We featured Asava a few weeks ago with their brilliant "Avant Garden", and it's pleasing to say they are back with another strong outing in Na Pali.


There is a lot to like in Na Pali, layers of melody and counter melodies and harmony build over an all to brief 4m25 of filter swept Synth Chords, Strings and wonderfully natural sounding drums. It's a lot less glitchy than avant garden and soundwise the synths are very reminiscent of artists like Flume and Mux Mool (the drums reminding me a lot of the latter).


But it's important to stress that Asava are carving a nice signature sound for themselves that despite my reference points stands on it's own two feet. It's nice to hear an artist(s) developing and the sound Asava are developing for themselves, and the high quality of the first two releases is surely leading to an album – with their ability to program such an exhilarating audio journey over 4-5 minutes it would be lovely to hear how they transition their music over a 30-40 minute soundscape.


As with Avant Garden, the track is available as name your price download on bandcamp (below), it's a wonderful track, and it's fantastic to have exciting artists producing this kind of music, so do support it. 



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