16 Sep

Asava – Bodhi

I never ceases to amaze me how much the small differences in music production can make, two artists can use similar sounds but the way they present them and organise them and compose their music means the quality of output is miles apart and in a day and age when "How to do's" and "Sound like" tutorials are all over the internet and youtube the real differential in good and music comes down to creativity and musicianship.


I guess that's one of the reasons I like Asava's music so much, there are a whole host of sounds that you'll find in many other forms of EDM but the way they compose, the melodic nature of that arrangement and the ability to mix electronic production with acoustic instruments is just staggeringly good.


We've featured Asava a few times and each time I hear new music from them I'm blown away by how their output progresses and builds upon what they've previously done yet never loses the core ethos that was present from day one and for me that's quite a rare thing in this day and age. That ability to build and maintain a unique sound without treading in old footsteps is invaluable in this modern age of disposable


Bodhi is a great example of that, listen to Asava's first track Avant Garden and you hear natural drums and continually evolving melodies combined with guitars and synth chords, skip forward to Bodhi and all those same elements are clear and present evolving and continually changing arrangements, clean electric drums mixed wih natral percussion and strummed and plucked guitars and as the track moves through it's structure there is a real sense of journey in there.


I guess the point is there is a consistency in their work that is lacking in so many other artists output.


Like all their music Bodhi is available on bandcamp as a name your own price


Grab it while you can.



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