27 Jul

Asava – Avant Garden (Acoustic Drums)

One of the most difficult things in modern music (imo) is blending the sound of more traditional instruments (things like guitars and drums) with electronic production techniques and Synths without it sounding disjointed or off kilter. There are a few people that can pull it off well and recently we've featured artists like Sorcerer, Tycho, Kauf, and before that Ratatat.


About a week ago or so I was sent a copy of Avant Garden by Philly based Asava, and both Fourbearsjr and I were pleasantly surprised to hear a continuation of that dreamy electronic rock sound we both have a penchant for. Needless to say, it went on the phone, and has been on rotation in the car for the last 2 weeks or so.


I get that I've already name checked artists like Kauf, and Ratatat and rightly so, but as well as that down tempo electronic genre it very much sits (strongly) in the glitchy world of artists like ediT, Mux Mool and Prefuse 73, and Avant Garden is a wonderful amalgamation of the genres. A glitchy beat introduces the track but it's really the melodic blending between the Arpeggiated Keyboard and the power chord-esq Harmonies of the Guitars. The track switches down in the middle third with a move away from the electronic sound of the drums to a more natural live drummer feel, and a few more layers of melody before the guitar heavy melodies come smashing back in driving the (far too short) track home.


In all honesty I don't know a whole lot about Asava apart from their bio but if Avant Garden is anything to go by they are locked in to become firm favourites in The Walk To Work towers, plus the track is available on Bandcamp as a pay what you want (below), or on SPOTIFY.


Grab it now.



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