09 Dec

Artifacts – Wrong Side Of Da Tracks

If you follow the blog you'll know my first musical love was Hip Hop, especially golden era 90's Hip Hop, and every now and then I just have to load up my Nexus and go back in time. When I got to the station today it was packed, and the train was crowded to the point i had to sit on the stairs to the second deck. So today was one of those occasions where I hit my hip hop play list and sat back (uncomfortably) and let the music do it's thing. About four tracks in today’s choice came on and i was only ever going to blog one thing after that:

 Artifacts – Wrong Side Of Da Tracks

It's just one of those tracks that demonstrates how great hip hop can be. I mean the beat, it's a perfect example of how great sampling can be, combining The Honey Drippers – Impeach the President, the single sax line from Jack Bruces – Born to Be Blue and the main groove from 9th Creations –  Bubble Gum. Then you've got two great MC's in El Da Sensi and Tame One. then their is the lyrical content, coming from a graffiti background themselves they paid homage to the scene with a detailed trip into the mindset of a graffiti writer. With DJ Kaos light cuts and the constant B-Boy references it's a picture perfect snap shot of hip hop subculture.

Artifacts were always a favourite group of mine, including their work under the Brick City Kids alias, and Wrong Side of Da Tracks is probably my favourite of their, erm, tracks – along with Ultimate. 

Anyway, it's a great tune, probably their most popular, and thankfully some kind soul has uploaded the video to youtube.


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