14 May

Art Institute – Not my way Feat. Claudio Suriano

art instI've been missing in action due to a shoddy internet connection and french bank holidays but decided to hit the ground running with some new music that i've been listening to during that time off and on my journey to work today. The pick of which is: 

Art Institute – Not my way Feat. Claudio Suriano

I found this track in a really odd way. I was on youtube browsing for music and a link came up in the side bar to hear the new daft punk single (not get lucky but something else). Now if you've bene on youtube lately it's almost imposisble to miss the 1million variations on get lucky and fake daft punk tracks that are being posted, so with that in mind i clicked fully expecting to hear some awful disco loop or 909 Fruity Loops sequenced loop. Instead i hear a really nice track that instantly made me think, what the hell is this. Fortunatley int he comments someone pointed out it was Art Institute and after a bit of tracking down it was mine for the princley sum of €0.59 on their bandcamp.

It's essentially mid tempo relaxed and mellow deep disco house, and not really anything like Daft Punk to be honest. I'd say more along the line sof bands like Cut Copy and Empire of the Sun but less poppy. 

The chopping opening guitar licks set the mood nice and early and the track kind of struts along form there. The filtered groove is nice and when the guitars come back in you know where it's going. The vocals whilst not the best ever are just right for the track,a nd all in all it just works really well.

No idea what possesed someone to pass off such a lush track as Daft Punk, it certainly doesn't deserve to be squashed up in the other wanna be output currently flooding the market, but regardless it's there and it's a gem.

Playlist Monday 13th May 2013

I've had a few days off, bank holidays in france, but as is always the way my little boy got sick the night before i hea dback to work. So it was a somewhat bleary eyed blogger that alighted the train bound for paris.

I needed perking up so I decided to check some new music and set my mp3 player to the, erm, New Music playlist and let it do it's work.

I wont' bore you with the details but essentially in my ctatonic state I listened to: Wollfy vs Projection – Set Me Loose, Softwar – Work it out, Gas Lamp Killer – Veins, Goldenroom – Only you can show me, Mosca – Tilt Shift, Art Institute – Not my way Feat. Claudio Suriano, Busta Rhymes – Dangerous (Project Tempo Remix) and Hauswerks – Some Don't Work.

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