29 Jun

Art Crime – Eye Contact

“Deep House” is a strange one in this day and age; go to any online music retailer and click on deep house and you'll get everything from Disclosure to Ten Walls to Future Classic style tropical house. Which is fine, it's all decent music, but it does illustrate the point Deep House has kind of become a catch all genre for everything that doesn’t already have a genre assigned to it.

But wade through all that and you find some truly fantastic stuff that stays truthful to it’s origins, Art Crime’s “Obsession” EP being a case in point.

I don't actually know much about Art Crime, other than hailing from Moscow etc… he/she had an EP out on US based WT Records last year that got a lot of love on the Deep(er?) House scene with it’s proto early rave jacking anthem Release, and it's Chicago styling Never Look Back.  

The Obsession EP is more of the same, dirty over compressed drums and big reverb laden pads and piano led house. The track that jumped out at me first was Eye Contact – deeply filtered choral pads and heavily delayed piano is the order of the day all driven along by a dirty filthy drum track complete with 808 claps and percussion and a big one note sub bass. It's got a very sad but euphoric feel to the track, and I won't lie it doesn’t deviate for the most part, apart from a gargantuan switch up at around 4 minutes in, but one of the endearing qualities about early Trax style house was the grittiness of it and Art Crime nails that sound and feel perfectly. It’s genuinely a must have track if you have even a passing interest in Deep House.

Though there is only a clip up above the full track s below, on youtube, it came out on Phonica Records (yes THAT Phonica), you can get it on 12" or pick it up over at Beatport as a download.

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