06 Dec

Archivist – Same High

Sometimes it really does take me a while to get round to posting stuff up. I have come across Archivists stuff before but its only now that i am going to post something as this has been a tune i have been doing some proper laid back cruising too (especially as the traffic is abating a bit in Malta with a couple of bank holidays and the lead up to christmas).


Archivist are a London based 4 piece and this track is from their second EP 'Memo'. Same High is a really beautiful track, lovely falsetto, gorgeous crisp beats and synths that give it such a rich. lush sound. I don't think it sounds too dissimilar to the sir Was stuff i have posted before, if a little more straight ahead pop but beautifully understated. And noe of that is a bad thing. That melody and falsetto really hook you in and i swear that its the quickest 3 minutes 17, so i end up sticking it on repeat. Great track and well worth checking out their other stuff

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