13 Feb

Apollo Two – Atlantis

Like most people sometimes it all just gets on top of me and I just slow down, so i'm not gonna lie, I was seriously lacking in inspiration this morning. Like most people when i'm feeling a bit, not low that's the wrong word, but just apathetic i like to dip into some old music that means a lot to me and where i've been on my journey through the years. So as i alighted my train today i abandoned any attempt at listening to a playlist and instead skipped through the music on my Nexus and in there completely forgotten was a track from my youth:

Apollo Two – Atlantis

Now Drum & Bass is a genre we seldom cover on this blog, but oddly it's a genre that both Fourbearsjr and i were very much aware of as we were starting to DJ and dip into production ourselves. Having come from Hip Hop and early rave and chicago house Drum & Bass was something that we saw blossom out of those scenes. Were we massivley into it? No, but it certainly played a large part in our musical education.

So when it popped onto my screen i had to listen to it and even now 22 years after it drops the whole track still makes me sit up and go "What the F*ck?". From those opening pitched up bleeps and bloops from Real to Reels – Surkit to the congos drop over the amen break the track is a perfect blend of old school house and rave and new school super pitched breaks. The Zhana Saunders vocal sample drifts in and out and it all adds up to a brilliant anthem to the joys of sample from where ever the hell you feel like.

Originally it came out as "Apollo Two's – Atlantis (I Need you) LTJ Bukem Remix" but since has been re-credited to LTJ Bukem (Apollo Two was his alias) and re-mastered and re-released via Good Looking, it's a classic classic track, perfect for chilling out or making a dance floor jump up.


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