01 Nov

Antonio Olivieri – Needing You (Sasch Remix)

So, Bank Holiday here and i'm stuck going into work. Making matters worse it's a shockingly early start leaving the house around 6.20am. Luckily i've got a ton of new music on my Nexus and setting it on shuffle i close my eyes and zone out for the duration of the trip in and wait to pick decide which track i’ll blog today.

Don't have to wait long though as aftr wading through the Special Request Album the utterly stunning Antonio Olivieri – Needing You (Sasch Remix) comes on and my choice is quickly made:

Antonio Olivieri – Needing You (Sasch Remix)

Melodic Deep House. No otherway to label it really. It's got all the hall marks. Slow building dreamy and hypnotic. The whole track revolves around a play on the M1 organ riff from Robin S – Show me love with a nice emotive synth riff that mutates and moves courtesy of a slowly opening sweeping filter.

Anyway, I won't bore you for too long (it is a bank holiday after all) but rest assured it's a lovely track and it's been getting massive play in the Aapie household.

It's out on the wonderful Steyoyoke Label from Berlin on their Family Affair Vol 2 Compilation, with the remix coming courtesy of ItalysSasch. I picked it up on beatport here, grab it.

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