03 Aug

Anna Lunoe & Friends – Real Talk

There has been a slew of retro sounding house of late but for the most part I, personally, am not interested in reliving my youth by hearing modern rave music and italo house that sounds exactly how it did in 1990. 

I'd much rather hear a modern take on it, blending modern production and utilising the progress electronic music has made, and that's why I like this track Real Talk by Anna Lunoe & Friends (her Friends being Touch Sensitive)

Despite it's early 90's roots, it's been lumped in with the Nu-Disco genre, but I reckon it straddles that and the whole tropical and deep house scenes, whatever genre it is it's a blinder of a track.  All the basic elements are there, hammered out chords on a Korg M1 Piano, FM Lately style Bass, Fairlight sounding Orchestral stabs but as cheesy as all that sounds there are lots of nice little touches in there, the Black Box vocal stabs/chops and the breakdowns and builds that just lock it all together really well so it reminds you of but doesn't sound like the early days of house. 

I've been a big fan of Touch Sensitive for a while but I know a little less about Lunoe, other than her DJ popularity, but I've been slowly tracking down other releases by her since I picked this up a couple of weeks ago and I suggest you do to.

I won't add anymore as there is a rather OTT biog on her own website here: www.annalunoe.com/ All in all though it's a cracking little listen that really jumps out from the pack, and just further illustrates how much great music is coming out of Australia of late. I grabbed it off eMusic, but you can get it at Beatport and Juno et al….

Playlist Friday 3rd August 2012 

Woken up by a screaming child and wife today, not because anything was wrong but because they thought it was funny – it wasn't. But despite the shock and being up ahead of schedule I took the time to load up a few tracks I'd been meaning to listen to and hadn't had time to load on.

I tend to leave the music until I hit Paris, so as I alighted at GDN I turned on my MP3 player and let rip with Cocolores – Vox, from there I let shuffle do it's thing, and up came Casio Social Club with the cheeky Justin Illusion a rework of Imagination. As I hopped on the metro up popped Om Units – Ulysses (blogged on Monday) and from there I took control and listened to The Anna Lunoe EP, Real Talk, in all it's various flavours. I then Listened to Moonrunner – House Track Two reworked by Dicky Trisco and then as I strolled the final few streets I revisited the Real Talk track having decided it was the track to choose.

Playlist: Cocolores – Vox, Casio Social Club – Justin Illusion, Om Unit – Ulysses, Anna Lunoe – Real Talk EP, Moonrunner – House Track Two (dicky Trisco rework)

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