27 Jan

Andy Hart – Tell her you Know





If you like Deep House then you should be checking and  listening to the Melbourne Deepcast blog and podcasts, it’s a veritable who’s who of the current deep house scene.

Started in 2009 by Andy Hart and Myles Mac the blog, club nights and music has gone from strength to strength until last year they took the plunge and started their own recording label. With the MD001 they focused on four Melbourne locals in Lewie Day, Fantastic Man, Weekend Express and Andy himself. To say it was a success would be an understatement and they swiftly followed it up in August last year with MD002 feat Harts “Tell her you know”, and the The Francis Inferno Orchestras “Come on Now”, the main side is a collaboration by the two artists: Andy Hart & Francis Inferno Orchestra – D2ME

Suffice to say the EP is in keeping with Melbourne Deepcast’s philosophy and Harts track firmly nails his roots to the mast. It’s slightly more slow tempo than your classic deep house – but that’s no bad thing in my books and the track is a real gem. Happy and soulful from the off, the sampled backing track never gets in the way of the track building and when the analog synth line hits about midway you're already too far gone to care.

I’ll leave it there, because it's a great track and one of my favourites from last year.

*picture from the Melbourne Deepcast Blog

Playlist Friday 27th January 2012

I awoke with a life threatening case of Manflu today. So it was a tossup between going to work and staying home to write my last will and testament, work won out in the end. Having said that I wasn’t intending on listening to any music today due to the cold and decided that I was going to have a mammoth session of Angry Birds on the way in. Alas the Paris metro is never the kindest of places and after about half the journey it was rammed to the point of having to give up my seat and getting squashed with everyone else. Not being able to sit I put my phone away and plugged in my earphones thinking “oh well”.

Luckily for me the First track up was Andy Hart  – Tell Her You Know, a lovely soulful deep house throbber that is featured above. Suddenly feeling slightly perkier I let the Player do its thing on shuffle and our symbiotic relationship came to the fore once more as it proceeded to then play Vincenos amazing remix of Humates – Love Stimulation (one of my all time fav’s). From there I listened to the Jeep Grrls vs Caucasian Boy – El Magnifico, and making the natural jump I decided to hop from there to Caucasian Boys acid wig out Northern lights (if you haven’t got it seek it out), finished up with Dana Bergquist & Peder G’s Rapanui (Daniel Solar Remix) on the Brown eyed boys label.

Lovely stuff.

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