24 Jan

Andrew Weatherall – A Mix From Outer Space

Well, i'm afraid you're going to have to indulge me again today, as today’s post is even weirder than Wednesdays. Again i'm going to post a mix, but there is no embed for you to check, as it's actually from someone elses blog. It's a 2 and a half hour set from the legendary Andrew Weatherall, record at one of the greatest UK house clubs to ever exist, Back 2 Basics in Leeds.

It'd be wrong for me to try and pass this off as something i've researched and written, so i'll just cut through the crap and tell it as it is. I've been a long time fan of Ralph Lawson. he's always been a bi of a hero of mine, as a producer on 20/20, as a DJ and as a promoter with Back 2 Basics and a few other nights. His style of mixing and producing has always been very influential on me, and on fourbearsjr somewhat as well.

As well as being one of the most influential men in UK house he runs his own blog, imaginatively called http://www.ralphlawson.co.uk/ where he posts a bit of everything. I'm an avid reader, so i was dead chuffed to see him post this mix by Weatherall, who like Lawson is one of the biggest names in the UK dance music scene.

It's best if you go to the article and read it yourself, it's the only place you can listen and download the mix, so get over there grab it and plug in… it pretty much was the soundtrack for my journeys to and form work today – and  abit of my lunch time as well.

you can get it and read the article here: A Mix From Outer Space 

It's exactly what you'd expect from the man, especially when in his "A love from Outer Space" mode, it's slow, it's heavy, it's dubby, it's trippy…. it's utterly brilliant. And there is more to come so keep checking.

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