12 Mar

Andrew Ashong – Love the Way

Lack of posts due to life taking over at TWTW towers, but we're back and i'm going to kick it off with some mellow alternative soul from the brilliant Andrew Ashong.

Andrew Ashong – Love the Way

I first stumbled upon Andrew Ahsong and his Reggae tinged soul when he released the wonderful Flowers with Theo Parrish last year, i dont' think it's an overstatement to say the track was a huge success, winning the World Wide shows Track of the Year. It was a lovely slice of jazzy house not house where Ashong’s gentle off key vocals shone through.

The new self titled EP continues in a similar vein with slight Afro-Reggae twang to the tracks, for a long time i couldn't quite figure what it reminded me of but literally writing this i've realised it's Benny Sings.

The stand out for me is today’s feature, Love the Way, a gentle yet epic anthem to the power of love, that swilrs over a gentle loose vibes and keys.

Anyway, it's been a long week and it's only Wednesday so grab a brew and put your feet up close your eyes and feel the sunshine wash over you.

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