03 Oct

Andrew Ashong – Flowers

For me, it is one of those great feelings when a track comes on that instantly makes you move and makes you think, hello, this sounds a bit special. That was the feeling I got when I came across todays track on Bleep. I was working my way through some new releases, I hit play on one of the first tracks and this beat kicks in. Erm, yes.

I stayed in London overnight and so my commute to work was literally the length of today’s track. Sitting in the shuttle service from the hotel with very straight faced business people I slipped on my headphones and chucked this beauty on – ‘Flowers’ by Andrew Ashong – and closed my eyes. That was my track list.

It comes from the 3 track Flowers EP, by Ashong on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature label and I think Parrrish is actually a collaborator on the EP (you can certainly hear his influence on the tracks). Apparently it is getting a lot of coverage online and rightly so. It’s a beautiful kind of busted up, lo-fi jazz – the mellow vocals and keys are countered by some beautiful sub-bass and a driving break. I love the sharp sound of the drums as they kick in at the start and automatically make you sit up, plus I love the way they have looped the vocal and left in a drop out where he has come in slightly late. These things just add to the warmth and distinctness of the track. I think this is the first thing by Ashong – what a great way to start.

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