24 Jun

Anaxander- An Orderly Life

It's been a strange day, woke up to the referendum news in my home country I'm dissapointed and that's all i'll say on it.


Had to cheer myself up with some music on the way into work and decided to get on the deep house train. Been revisiting a lot of my favourite deep house of late and stumbled back upon one of my favourite tracks of the last year in Anaxander- An Orderly Life.


Don't know much about about Anaxander or in fact Argot who out it out, but it's An Orderly Life is very deep, very Chicago sounding in it's style, 808 & 909 drums, deep bubbling bass and beautifully emotive pads and keys that all lead to a mid 80's rave piano riff that see's it home.


The thing i really like about this track is how it still sounds incredibly modern but still uses old school sounds. Soe of that is the drum programming – the swing on those drums when they hit back in on the piano riff is amazing. And the track seems to flow around the drums, with the timing and structure constantly changing.


Anyway, i'll leave it there as i'm frazzled, but enjoy.  



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