12 Feb

Amateur Best – Ready For The Good Life

imageNo commute today so a freebie – just as well really as i have a beauty. The other day i came across the track and album i am going to bang on about today. I haven't had too much time to digest it but the imediacy of it meant that i had to put something from it up.

A quick scan of Pitchfork's review tells you that the man behind Amateur Best is, London's Joe Flory. He released stuff previously as Primary 1, apparently major label housed, but it never worked out. When you read that and then hear his current stuff, it all makes sense. It is a beautiful blend of soulful pop and electronics that always stays on the more interesting side of things. 
There are some absolutely tremendous tracks and opener Ready For The Goodlife, is one of them. Deploying all of my earlier description, the track has a beautifully 'real' vocal that, coupled with piano, instantly gives the track weight. But from there it just builds to a great crescendo. Really lovely stuff.

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