03 Jun

Almunia – Pulsar

AlmuniaSticking with the output of the wonderful Claremont 56 today, and much like the Mudd & Pollard track I featured on Friday today's listen is some seriously psychedelic tinged Balaeric disco.

Almunia – Pulsar

I don't really know where to begin with this one, so I'll keep it pretty basic. A few years ago Italy's Leonardo Ceccanti under his Almunia alias came to everyones attention with the fantastic New Moon album and "Pulsar" today's choice is from the follow up album of the same name.

An album of slo-mo nu-disco full of melody and delay FX. I featured it on the Interesting Blends blog last week and compared it to Atmosphere and I think that comparison still holds up.

Pulsar itself is a real gem of a track, also realeased as a 12", it's not a dance track as such but the opening belies the heavy groove that is to follow. Drone synths and fx's, delayed guitar the main groove is introduced late and slowly but when it finally reveals itself it's difficult not to close your eyes and drift off to the white islands. The album is more of the same really, couple of really stand out tracks, but it's best listened to as a whole, the programming of the album is really well done – whereas you may get a good track/weak track this goes from points A – B on a very specific journey.

It's been out a little while, about a month or so, and like most Claremont 56 stuff, this is alternative disco. Lots of fun and well worth checking out…. I picked it up on emusic for not much at all, but it's available everywhere in digital and physical formats.

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