11 Sep

Alistair Crosbie – if i fade, will you outline me again

Today, I'm really pleased to be able to feature a guest post from Sally Bell, co-presenter of the excellent Build + Destroy Radio show…….also main photo used with kind permission of http://www.crimsonglow.co.uk/

So, my walk to work… I still listen to music the way I did as a child when I had a tape walkman, where I will select one album and just leave it on repeat until I've fully absorbed it, which is mostly what I do to and from work. It seems somewhat foolish when I have so much more choice on the tiny machine in my pocket, so occasionally I try and go on a bit more of an adventure which is what I did today. Starting off with my track of choice:

Alistair Crosbie – if i fade, will you outline me again – part 1 

It's only fair for me to champion someone local and not terribly well known! Alistair is Glasgow-based and since 1995 has been producing an assortment of electronic and experimental music and soundscapes. This track is taken from a CD-r release originally from 2007, and is now available to download from his Bandcamp page (the content up there chops and changes a bit as he sporadically makes available item's from his back catalogue).

This particular track illustrates very nicely what I like about a lot of his work, in the way it meanders through it's 14minutes building layers up to create something almost hypnotic, eery, and beautiful. For the whole EP this is taken from – the study of cycles – he is working mainly with his voice, and on this track the vocals interweave as they are layered over each other leading to indistinguishable melody which you just get absorbed into. Another favourite is South Nesting off Archive 1 – Bridge of Walls which is worth hunting down.


*Main photo used with kind permission of http://www.crimsonglow.co.uk/

Playlist Tuesday 11th September 2012

The walk to work which I have isn't always the prettiest, after 10 minutes through some residential streets I pass through a bus station (there's usually some, erm, colourful characters) to reach the footpath which follows the edge of a motorway towards the city centre. So I have traffic on one side and the combination of a railway line and disused warehouses on the other. The I cross over the Express Way, and short-cut through a car park beside the heliport (the only excitement being the days the RAF Search and Rescue copters land. That can be pretty good) and finally over the river to work. It is somewhat grim, especially on the wet days. I'm never sure if that has much influence on what I listen to, but it does seem to swing wildly from the floatingly beautiful to the harsh and stark. It seems to either marry or contrast with the suroundings. There's rarely a middleground!

Today's whole playlist was: Alistair Crosbie – if i fade, will you outline me again – part 1, Get Effect – Ardenne, I am Water Ft. Moon Mirror – Wonderland (spf50 remix) Ugandan Methods – Beneath the Black Arch, Which is slightly more exciting than if I'd just listened to all of the Alistair Crosbie EP on repeat! I might branch out more often…

Sally Bell has presented the Build + Destroy Radio show on Subcity since 2004. A show on which she, and her co-presenter Andy, aim to play a variety of genres whilst keeping the chat mostly irreverent and pointless. They do occasionally push the boat out and run some features and guest mixes, mostly supporting local Glasgow talent. They are on-air every second Thursday from 9-11pm and we thoroughly recommend you check it out: http://www.subcity.org/shows/buildanddestroy/

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