25 Jul

Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis (RAC Remix)

Today we revisit the wonder of the remix. Like Gigamesh, who’s remix of James Curd’s ‘Guide Me’ I posted up a while back, RAC are masters at taking an original track, accentuating and complimenting its best bits and subsequently taking it to a more potent place. I think their remix of Alex Winston’s ‘Velvet Elvis’ is a perfect example of this.

I haven’t got on with her stuff that much but I do like the original – it is a great song which is always a good start for a remix. I came across the RAC mix first and have to say it just does it for me. They stay true to the melody but recreate it with their weapons of choice: synth stabs and basslines. The beat behind it gives it a bit more purpose and they just continue to build it up as it progresses, by double timing high hats and adding more synths. The result is a really tight, warm track – it sounds gorgeous and I think it really makes her voice sound tremendous particularly on the chorus that is ace. It is another smile inducer.

You have probably heard of RAC (Remix Artist Collective), but if you haven’t, they are an interesting bunch. I have a number of their remixes that you can often pick up for free and they are always excellent. To find our more go here http://rac.fm/blog . Its well worth checking out their stuff and Alex Winston's.


Playlist Wednesday 25th July 2012

My wife has started a new job so most days we travel in together with the boy which is great. Today, as an alternative to the radio, is stuck in a cd from the many I have in the car. Todays was from 2011 and was made up of the last Southeast Engine album ‘Canary’ (which is tremendous) and some random tracks that I had picked up around that time. I went straight to these – I love the way they often throw up tracks you have forgotten. It had a real mix of stuff but it was the RAC remix of Alex Winston that stood out and which got a replay just before reaching work. With the hot weather we are having lately it was a great way to sign off.

Playlist: Africa Hitech – Blen, Alex Ebert (Feat Rza) – Truth, Alex Winston – Locomotive (Beach Fossils Remix), Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis (RAC Remix), Animal Farm (Feat Talib Kweli) – Test Of Time, Anni Rossi – Are You That Somebody, Anni Rossi – Safety Of Objects, Chad VanGaalen – Peace On The Rise

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