08 Jul

Alec Troniq – Booze Gumps (Free Download)

Despite not being very well for the majority of it, it's been a nice weekend, and I've been fortunate enough to have had a lot of time to myself to enjoy making and listening to music – which has also included catching up with new music, and something popped up on my networks was Booze Gumps by Dresden artist Alec Troniq.

Where to start with Booze Gumps? It's insane!

And when i say insane i mean that in the nicest possible of ways. A straight dancefloor aimed house track Troniq takes a sample and absolutely hammers it into oblivion. Starting our with a one bar loops coupled with a chopped vocal the track is driven by the slow mutation of the chopping coupled with the layered kick drums and moving percussion. There is a strange disco swing to the track that reminds me of early Roulé material. The tight 4/4 kick, but the swung percussion and fills.

As much as i loved the early French Touch material, one of the things i always found disappointing was that the tracks never quite switched up or went anywhere – they were huge in the club, but they were straight up 4-5 minutes of a groove. Which is fine, but music has to move on, and something I find really interesting with Booze Gumps in particular is that the chopping, when it all comes together, delivers a real ear worm of a melody that changes over the second half of the track.

It's out as a free download on Alec Troniq's soundcloud page. Getting music for free is always a bit of an odd situation, it can go one of two ways – the music can be throw away productions that don't warrant a full release, or they can be just brilliant fully rounded productions that hold up against anything you'll get from the D/L stores or subscription services.

Thankfully Alec Troniq's Booze Gumps is firmly in the latter.

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