03 May

Alan Braxe – Voices

I've been away for a few weeks, partly with taking a break and partly with work. But it's back to the grind this week and thanks to fourbearsjr for holding the fort for the last two weeks. I'm going to be quick tonight as time is very limited and in honesty my listening pleasure has been severely restricted, having said that I've been digging a lot of the vapuorware stuff that's floating around right now. But it's also had me dipping into my HD to dig out chiller tracks by Daft Punk (Emotion) Fred Falke et al… I get it's not a style everyone enjoys but for me the sound behind it has a real meaning for me, and completely transports me back to younger days.


So with all that in mind today i'm going for an utterly bizarre outing from one of my favourite artists ever Alan Braxe.


When i say bizarre I don't mean the tracks sound or style, Voices is pretty classic Alan Braxe, Saw waves, a lovely simple swinging beat and oodles and oodles of melody, but bizarre in the fact that the track was done as a promo for Toyotas Scion car range back in 2013, a solo track on a 3 track EP (plus remixes) with the Spimes. The EP was a free download (now sadly gone unless you dig deep into the internet), but it's deffo worth it just for Voices which is a wonderful piece of 80's teen movie inspired emotion. There is no getting past the big happy melancholic vibe of the track and big detuned Chords wrap you up and carry you along as the drums and lead synth control the pace of the track and ultimately it's just a track that always makes me wiggle in my seat (and as it's been getting rinsed so much lately my son). 


So anyway, yeah, enjoy.

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