31 Oct

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Most Wanted

I've had to do a lot of traveling with work this week so I've not really had a commute as such. So I wanted to really go for a track that encapsulated the constant tempo of being on trains and in cabs and everything that comes with that territory.

Part of the traveling included checking in with family and wandering through some of my old stomping grounds, which got me listening to old music and especially that late 90's early 00's French house sound. One of my favourite tracks from that entire period is the one i've opted for today: Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Most Wanted

I first heard this at the Basement Jaxx parties back in the telegraph on Brixton Hill, i remember clearly being stood in the bar area taking a break from the melee that was on going in the main room when the distinctive sounds of that intro drifted up in the mix… the 1/4 bar synth drum loop was just suddenly there, and i swear pretty much 90% of the bar put their drinks down and made a mass exodus to the dancefloor (with me following in tow to see what was going on) just in time for that K.I.D sample to drop (the K.I.D sample being the huge arpeggiated riff that runs through out the entire track which is actually a one bar lift from K.I.D's – Don't Stop).

So there i am stood on the dance floor thinking "what the?" and then the filter drops out and the weight of the entire track comes slamming back in… people talk about "those" moments and for me it was one of my best club experiences ever. The entire place exploded, hands in the air, strangers grinding together and just beaming from ear to ear… I recall looking at my mates and every single one of them was absolutely losing it to it, and this is in the first few minutes of the track. It was a new track, think it came out very shortly after that, and it must have been played about 5 times in that one night. incredible stuff…

The thing with this track though is it's so simple, unlike a lot of the french house sound at the time it's not driven by the whole side chained compression/sucking sound. it's clean and spatious and while it has that muted AM radio feel to it it's the groove and melody that really drive the track. The bit i really love is around 4:03 when everything just dies and your left with the synth chords, and a filtered down to almost nothing sample that is just brought back up each bar until the groove hits and sucks you back in again. I’m also a massive fan of the way they never drop the beat back in all at once… hats hitting a few beats later and so on, dropping in and out to keep the feel moving along.

So check it out, it's one of my all time favourite dance tracks ever. It's hard for me to think it was released way back in 2000, it's got some amazing memories for me and yet it's one of the simplest and most mesmerising tracks I think you'll ever hear, interestingly it still holds it's own against any of the current nu disco sounds – as do most of their tracks, the incredible Disopolis, and the even more amazing Defender – Bliss (which i nearly chose for today). It’s still available on the incredible Vulture records from pretty much everywhere, if it’s not in your collection it should be..



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