07 Jul

Air France – No Excuses

Malta isn't very big, 24km long apparently, so nothing is far and my commute to work is short in terms of mileage but elongated by traffic. But I really enjoy it, I can see the sea, the sun is shining, the car is cool and I stick some tunes on. 

It's always pretty warm here but moving into their official summer and it looks like it has been pretty scorching across most of Europe. And I love a good summer tune. One of my personal favourites came on this morning. 

No Excuses by Air France. 

I ​was certain I had posted this track before and if I have, so what, it's that good it deserves to go up twice. Plus,  if I haven't, it's a disgrace. Air France are actually from Sweden and specialise in superb balearic, house/dance pop that does have a French sound but a Swedish pop sensibility at the same time. I am a big fan of their work, particularly the album today's track comes from. 

​For me it's about as good a summer tune as you will ever hear. I could sit here and try to describe it but there is absolutely no way I could do it justice. Just turn it on, turn it up and think about about all those summer escapades you have had and will have in the future. Magnificent. 

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