10 Jun AGC Esquire

AGC Esquire – Love Scene At Bay Ridge

This week sees me in the full throws of an electronica splurge that shows no signs of abating, so this morning saw me grab my Nexus and load up a playlist of Cut Records finest (more on them later). Short walk to the station and an empty carriage to myself (thanks SNCF) gave me peace and quiet to listen through, as is normal i found myself fixated on a particular track and todays was:

AGC Esquire – Love Scene At Bay Ridge

I say this continually but I do like 80's led melodic synth tracks, and "Love Scene at Bay Ridge" is a perfect example of what i like about this kind of stuff. Soft drums and arpeggiated leads, and detuned 8 bit synths, lashings of effects and choice little vocal samples. Yeah, it's got obvious comparisons with artists like Com Truise and Miami Nights 1984 and all the rest of the Synth Wave stuff, and yeah it could be a track straight of the Drive soundtrack but that just shows how good it really is.

The rest of the EP is equally as strong but "Love Scene at Bay Ridge" is probably the most accessible.

In all honesty I don't know much about AGC Esquire, Soundcloud yields just this EP, Facebook a no longer valid page, but to be honest i only stumbled across this after taking out a Cut Records subscription and was browsing their back catalogue (the track is form a couple of years ago).

Cut Records is a pretty interesting label, based in Riga Latvia (one of my favourite cities) they offer a $2 a month subscription that gives you full access to their 50 release back catalogue and monthly releases for as long as you subscribe. I guess it's set up along the same lines as subscription services like Drip FM but what's really nice is this month they are giving 50% of all subscriptions to LGBT organisation Stonewall. There is a story around the why, but we're not getting into that here because it's a great initiative and the subscription is great value for money covering electronica across all it’s many genres from house to D&B to Future Garage.

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