21 Jul

Africa Hitech – Our Luv

So I've been away for two weeks on a holiday with the family and today was my first day back and a such a massive rush. I didn't really have much time to load my phone up with anything of worth and on the way out the door I grabbed my wife’s ipod touch just for something to listen to on the way in… so for a rare change my listening was almost purely pop music, Madonna, Michael Jackson, the odd Feist track.. all great stuff but not what i'd normally write about. 

anyway in among all that was surprising music, namely the Africa HiTech album from a few years ago and i once again got sucked into the utterly magnificent:

Africa Hitech – Our Luv

If you don't know, Africa Hitech is the collaborative project from Mark Pritchard (a blog favourite) and Steve Spacek. Our Luv is from the 93 Million Miles album that came out in 2011. It was an album that blended detroit techno, UK Bass Music and experimental electronic. It was, a success.

The stand out track for me was Our Luv,it's probably the most melodic track on the album but it's all about syncopation – the drums constantly switch and drifting when you think the track is settling into a flow it changes again and they are off in a new direction. Added to the rhythm is the flowing 8bit melodies and counter melodies swathed in re-verb and underlined with one big fat dirty filthy bass line.

Anyway, it's a track that i hadn't listened to for a while and it immediately sucked me back in….

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