25 Apr

Acos CoolKas – Free Flight (Instrumental)





One thing I really like within music is when people take a simple singular hook and build a larger concept out of it without you noticing. I can think of a few examples where a fantastic piece of music has come out of a simple melody that has just been built upon until it becomes a moving and emotional piece of music.

Free Flight by Acos CoolKas is one of those tracks. On first listen it’s really simple, that rotating analog line just keeps you locked in and you tend to concentrate on that, yet at the end of my first listen I felt strangely moved. On giving it two it two or three pass the subtleties and layers really came out and it’s long been a track that can lift my spirits no matter how down I’m feeling.

It came out on Nang which is one of my favourite labels, but Acos CoolKas have also released a couple of EP’s on the amazing Theomatic ( the St Petersburg based label run by Andre Zahkarova, the man behind AN-2) and you should try and track down both their “skyline” and “stellar ways” releases for Theomatic.

I’ve actually opted for the instrumental version of the track, because the full version gets a little noodley with the synths, but I’ve had this track for a couple of years and it is honestly never far from my player/playlist, it always gets a rewind and is one of the few tracks I could listen to for a good hour straight without falling out of love with it. For me it really is perfect deep house music, thoughtful, emotional, soulful and intelligently put together.

I hope you’ll enjoy it,

*Picture from Resident Advisor

Playlist Wednesday 25th April 2012

Early start for me, and bleary eyed i didn't have much in me as i set off for work.

I started the day with a track I've been listening to a lot again of late, and that is Satin Jackets Days like Candy which i've blogged about before. it's a happy track and there was only one way to go from there and the next 15 minutes were taken up with multiple listens to the incredible Acos CoolKas and Free Flight. As i left the Metro i decided i needed to pick up the pace and listened to Scott Frasr – Centerville Lapse, and to slow it down a bit before i hit work i finished up with the Voices of Black's "Have U 2 Myself". A simple and Lazy playlist that did the trick.

Playlist: Satin Jackets – Days Like Candy, Acos CoolKas – Free Flight (instrumental), Scott Fraser – Centerville Lapse, Voices of Black – Have U 2 myself


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