03 Sep

Acos CoolKAs Feat Nata Tomata – Don’t Fly Away (The Maneken Remix)

First day back at work after a couple of weeks off, so it was a struggle getting up and at the world. The sun was out in all it's glory and i decided to go for a mellow sun drenched beach house playlist, the pick of which was:

Acos CoolKAs Feat Nata Tomata – Don't Fly Away (The Maneken Remix)

I've been a big fan of Acos CoolKas ever since I heard the magnificent Free Fight, and I seldom stray far from their originals, but this re-touch of their super Don't Fly Away by the Ukrainian "The Maneken" really takes the track in enough of a new direction to make it it's own without ever losing the smokey feel of the original.

I'd lost sight of this track for a while but it popped up today and once again i was drawn in and mesmerised by that bubbling bass and hollow reverbed sound so prominent through out the track. It's certainly a slow builder and takes a while to get truly going, and yes the lyrics are somewhat cheesy, but when all the elements come back in together for that oh, so brief moment it's truly uplifting. The end result is a poppy disco feel reminiscent of Maurice Fulton and Kathy Diamond at their best, and it really works.


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