07 Apr

ACE – How Long?

This weekend my little boy started to show a real interest in my record collection, it was a heart warming moment and it threw me back to my youth where as young kids my brother and discovered our dads record collection. To moments when we’d I would fall asleep in the back of the car to be carried in and put to bed by our parents. I can clearly remember drifting in and out of sleep to the AM radio in my dads Vauxhall Viva, and the music of the time was very much what we would now call yacht rock – mellow disco tinged 70's and 80's pop rock.

Now, as most people will know, we're obsessed with melancholy pop music around here, and they are most certainly the type of tracks that stuck with me from those late night journeys home. So when i got up this morning i decided to stick with it and listen to a completely sail boat inspired smooth rock an pop selection, past the doobies, Steely Dan and Hall and Oates i stumbled upon the fantastically cheesy but awesome:

ACE – How Long?

I won't spend ages going on about the song as you'll either love ti or hate it, and personally i love it. Like i said it' about as cheesy as it gets but… those Drums, those keys and those beach boy harmonies.

I also am a sucker for tracks with hidden meaning, the Clash "Should i stay or should i go", and "Rock the Casbah" both spring to mind and it always amused me that people never realy understood the meaning of How Long was actually about Terry Comer Aces Bassist secretly sessioning for other bands. It's a nice little story and makes the lyrics a little more fun, and meaningful.

So there you go, enjoy.

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