27 Jan

6th Borough Project – The Weight

I've lost count of the times we've featured the Revenge or 6th Borough Project. It's been a few and for good reason, because they remain to this day one of my favourite production teams. I guess the key is the consistency in their production, be it on their solo projects or as 6th borough and The Weight again brings the slow-mo sleazy dirt to the dancefloor. 


Like most other house focused tracks by the duo it's all about locking you into a groove. A groove that slowly moves and mutates over the course of the track until you're completely sucked in wanting to hear it again.


And, as with all of their house focused tracks it's a tune you can see doing just as well on a darkened dancefloor as you can a cool club bar. 🙂


it premiered on DJ Mag's soundlcoud a couple of days ago, has been on heavy rotation since and is well worth pre-ordering from the Roar Groove Bandcamp now.




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