14 May

6th Borough Project – Think It Over

I honestly love everything we post on this blog, not all of it is obvious or accessible to everyone but it's all music that Fourbearsjr and myself listen to over and over again – and that's the point of the blog really, i don't think any of it is just stuff that pops up and dissappears. But there are artists that stand out, and today i'm going to go with one of, if not probably, my favourite artist we've featured on this blog, and that's 6th Borough Project.

Now i've always featured their stuff, and it's one of the few artists that without even thinking about it I buy. New 6th Borough track? "IN THE BASKET WITH THEE!!! And they've never let me down. Recently they dropped their second LP Borough 2 Borough on the truly fantastic Delusions of Grandeur. The album is very solid, swinging from down tempo to mid tempo and ambient sounds. It's probably a more accessible album then the last, bit more 80's soul in influence, but regardless four tracks in is by far my favourite Dance track of the year.

6th Borough Project – Think It Over

It's no secret that I like house that just locks into a groove and drifts from start to finish and this is one of them, it’s literally trance inducing. The track starts with a stomping drum sample that i just can't place right now, and builds slowly, a mesmeric vocal loop just drifts up int he mix – getting longer and longer until it hits the breakdown around the 3.40 mark before it slams back in and gets chopped the f*ck up.

All the way little bass fills and analogue synth lines roll in and move the groove along with out ever taking over completely. It's just a huge huge track and like all their stuff the production is so clean, so perfect yet somehow so soulful and funky.

In some ways it reminds me a lot of "The Way" by Global Communications and in others it is reminiscent of Black Science Orchestras stuff…regardless it's a bloody brilliant track and on my way to work this morning it sound tracked nearly the whole trip. Now considering that it's a 6 minute track and my journey is about an hour door to door it must have got almost 10 rewinds and never got boring.

Also just as a nice little aside, and bit of  a name drop for myself and Fourbears the LP's lovely artwork is done by an old friend.

I’ve been sat on the album for a while just because I feature so much of their stuff but I reckon it says something when your playlist for a commute consists of one solitary track.


4 – Think It Over by delusions of grandeur

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