04 Jul

6th Borough Project – Slow Down Baby





We've covered the incredible 6th Borough Project before so I won't go into huge detail about the guys, but instead focus on one of my favourite edits by them under their 6th Borough Project guise "Slow Down Baby"

It is, of course, a massive reworking of a brilliant brilliant record, Body Fusion by Starvue. What I like best about this rework though is that they take a track that, while brilliant in itself, is some what cheesy in feel and lyrics and smash it into next week without ever losing what is so great about the original..

They add a bubbly analog bass line, heavy drums, lift out the vocals they want, and somehow lift those incredible strings out in a way that makes them sound so so natural it's unreal. I've mentioned before the guys have production chops but this is something special. It's slow, down around 89bpm i think and takes a while to really launch into it, looping small parts of the strings to build the tension until they finally drop in full. I wager anyone with any sense will be thinking "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Amazing!"

It came out a few years ago on the Instruments of Rapture label, and was originally a Vinyl only release. However I seem to recall that recently they got a digital release via beatport and juno et al… either way if you can track it down, do so, it's a real gem of a track.


Playlist Wednesday 4th July 2012

I didn't post a playlist on Monday as I've been pretty rough with a dodgy back and stinking cold, but now the sun is out and the temperature i right up there so i guess there are no excuses.

I jumped on the train, stretched out and settled into a seat with the dulcet tones of the Pharcyde's Return of the B Boy, which could be followed by one thing only, Lootpack "whenimondamic". From there I took it slow with the 6th Borough track i chose to blog, and then I took in the 80's tastic dream synths of Jerem Glen – New Life. Then i let shuffle take over, and enjoyed some more tracks by 6th Borough, Pharcyde and Y Society, before rewinding to a few weeks ago and listening to poolside again. As I approached work I caught the Black Keys – Everlasting light and then that was my journey done. Which was not so bad after all…

Playlist: The Pharcyde – Return of the B-Boy, Lootpack – whenimondamic, 6th Borough Project – Slow Down baby, Jeremy Glen – New Life, 6th Borough Project – Iznae, 6th Borough Project – Stratus. Pharcyde – Officer, Pharcyde – 4betteror4worse, Y Society – How many of us, Y Society – At my own Pace, Y Society – this is an Introduction, Poolside – Do You Believe, The Black Keys – Everlasting light.

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