10 Feb

6th Borough Project – In Your Arms

So i'm back after a few days off, and i'm not going to lie, it was a struggle getting myself into gear this morning so i needed to a little pep in my step before i settled into the daily grind. So as i jumped on the train i hit play on my new music playlist and lo and behold the first track up ended up being my choice for today (you couldn't make it up):

6th Borough Project – In Your Arms

Long time readers will not be surprised seeing me once again blog one of my favourite artists 6th Borough Project, and one of the tracks from their new EP: In you Arms. I won't waste anyone’s time chatting on about the 6th Borough team as a: i've covered all that before, and b: if you don't know who they are, or their music, you're probably on the wrong blog.

Instead i'm just gonna focus on the track, which is their typical sampled soul pumper. From the opening looped bars you know what's coming and all the key elements are their, slow pitched house beat, strings and bass chopped and looped, filtered and warped, soul vocal hook that just worms it's way into your head and simply refuses to leave your head.

It's a style they are invariably known for but one i feared they'd left behind, so it's nice to hear this and future tracks on the album conforming to the classic, dare i say vintage 6th Borough sound. Yes it's a tried and tested formula but it works and works well.

Despite what the video says it is available as an exclusive digital format from Beatport with other stores like Juno to follow this week.

Anyway it's a storming bit of sliced soul, you won't regret listening, enjoy.

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