23 Jul

3rd Bass – Sons of 3rd Bass

Commute today was with my son + crazy days and evenings at work = pick what i want and go for something that brings a smile to my face.

Following on from Ice Cube the other dayi've gone for another (even older) old school hip hop track – Sons of 3rd Bass by 3rd Bass. Many will remember them for their running feud with Vanilla Ice (who can blame them) but i will always remember the tremendous Cactus album that Aapie had and this track come sfrom. Superb production by Sam Sever, tremendous rapping by Prime Minister Pete Nice and MC Search and (particulalry at the time) superb dj work of Dj Richie Rich.

There are so many great tracks on the album with great samples (The Cactus that samples Peace Frog by the doors, The Gas Face). But i have gone for the maybe more obvious opener Sons of 3rd Bass because A) it is awesome on every level and B) at the time i played it to death along with Brooklyn Queens. Now where is my lino.

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