20 Jan

2814 – True Love

I've always had a soft spot for film score style electronic music, but Vaporware as a genre isn't something i've delved into too deeply.


I picked up this 2814 LP/EP "Birth of a New Day" on bandcamp the other day after listening to it on the Telepath soundcloud stream and being completely blown away by how deep and emotive the tracks are.


It's very hard to separate an album like this up, but I'm going to pluck True Love out of a really quit sunning listen, as it's the most accessible track, a lot of the album verges on soundscapes that lend themselves to a "Blade Runner" style movie that never was.


True Love in a lot of ways reminds me of Tycho, which is no bad thing but I think Birth of a New Day predates it somewhat, the washed out reverbed and delayed drum and insruments – everything just feels distant, and ethereal, which is why i guess it’s called vaporware.


Either way it's a lovely listen so enjoy



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