09 Apr

The 28 East Boyz – Someone

I've been ripping my vinyl again, I got on the train this morning with a short playlist of tracks i'd pulled at the weekend. About three tracks in on came today's gem and i had to blog it:

The 28 East Boyz – Someone

The 28 East Boyz is Pritchard and Kevin Hann, the music is very similar to the Junior Boys Own stuff that was floating around back then, it's basically a tracky jacking UK house track that starts with a heavy drum track and just loops and mutates – chopping up the accapella from Loose Ends Is it all over my face. Just a simple trancey locked groove.

The track is very simple in it's base form it's just layers and layers and a simple filtered chord progression, but it just draws you in and keeps you there. I've heard this on big systems and small systems and it just fills a room, people settle in and whilst the track is over 12 minutes long it feels like they could have let it run longer. 

If you don't know who Mark Pritchard is, lets just say he's a bit like the King Midas of British dance music. Pretty much everything he sets his mind to turns out pure gold. A lot of the time he turns out an absolutely stonking genre defining track. Be it Dubstep, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Deep House, or Garage which segues nicely into today's lovely little blast from the past.

I never knew until i started looking into the track today that it was Mark Pritchard, i guess because it was under his alias Will Parrott and i'd just never put two and two together but having finally had it click it now makes perfect sense. For obvious reason it reminds me a lot of Global Communications – The Way, similar style chord stabs, and the layering of the drum parts just means a kick you thought was heavy is never quite as heavy as the next one.

Anyway, it's a blast from the past – came out in 1996 and was re-issued in 1997, and it's never really left my record box/playlists since.

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