11 May 20syl

20syl – Back & Forth

May is a strange month in Paris, Bank Holidays galore – which means the Parisians go off on their long weekends, and travelling is nice and chilled. Except for today when my train was delayed by 3 hours thanks to power cables failing… C'est la vie. But it gave me plenty of listening time, and a lot of it was taken up by the new Motifs II EP by 20syl from C2C. Lot's of good tracks on the EP but i’m gonna lump for the track:

20syl – Back & Forth

Now if you’ve heard any of the Pretty Lights, Mux Mool and On and On’s very own Beat Torrent (and the wider French Electronic Beat Scene) you’ll know what’s coming, bit crushed, 8 beat beats with bass heavy synths carrying the under melody. The track doesn’t deviate much, but the little flourishes 20syl brings are the difference between it being a run of the mill downbeat hip hop track and something you’ll revisit a number of occasions. There is also a fantastic little G Funk zapp style synth solo that’s worth the admission price alone.

If you follow the blog on Facebook (and if you don't you really should), you’ll have seen me post this there last week (the video is below), you’ll also know i'm a big fan of the On and On collective, especially the C2C team and their respective off shoot projects. For me though 20syl has always been the pick of the team, and it's been interesting to see him move from the traditional Hip Hop of his work with groups like Hocus Pocus to the downbeat Electronica of the last C2C album and his original Motifs EP and tracks like Kodama.

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