03 Apr

20:20 Vision – Bob Hopefield (Urban Farmers Remix)





As I mentioned yesterday I was going to try and concentrate on new music this week, and like yesterday I’ve ended up plumbing for an old track, all the way back to 1997 and 20:20 Vision Future Remembrance EP.

I’ll be brief here as I don’t really have much to say on it the track I really want to focus on is “Bob Hopefield (Urban Farmers Remix)”, now this track is one of those that drops off the radar, but when you find it again it really works its way into your brain again and i’ve been hammering it for a good few days now. I bought it way back when and played it to fourbearsjr who nabbed it from my collection for his DJ sets and we’ve been fighting over who should have the record in our respective collections ever since.

20:20 vision were Ralph Lawson & Carl Finlow, Lawson has since mutated this into the 20:20 Soundsytem. 20:20 Vision recordings was run by Ralph Lawson & Carl Finlow, and the Urban Farmer was Ralph Lawson & Carl Finlow – see a pattern emerging?

Anyway the track sounds really simple but really isn’t at all. The track revolves around keeping a very short 1 bar loop going and mutating it as the track moves along, it could be really boring but the track keeps you involved somehow, and if you do stick with it, it drops into an absolutely fantastic break out groove.

Anyway, as I said short blog post today, but do check it out, it’s been a favourite track of mine for a long time and no matter what fourbearsjr may say it’s still mine 😀


Playlist – I realise there hasn't been a playlist for a couple of days, mainly because being a numpty i left the list of things i listened to on my desk. Hopefully we'll get back on track with the playlists tomorrow.

  1. Trev Les Check says:

    This is the 20-20 vision sound

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