28 Sep

19Hundred – Oh Boy (Feat. DAZE)

I grew up in London, doing most of my main clubbing in the late 80's early 90's in and around London and it was an education in eclectism. 


From big house clubs like Ministry of Sound, to Indie Rock nights in Camden via way of Camp as you like Cabaret and Northern soul nights at Soho's Windmill theatre and Madame Jo Jo's, to early Oakenfold sets at Limelights and Heaven in Charing Cross and Jazzy B's Soul2Soul sound system at the Africa Centre and Notting Hill.


It was a great place to grow up and you heard a lot of different styles of music, but you also got to see how the different music genres crossed over, and whilst some of these clubs were synonymous with certain styles of music that was never what they were all about. I say this because it was quite normal to hear vocal house and NJ garage style cuts at all these clubs alongside R'n'B and early rave and breaks.   


There was a certain sound prevalent in the house music at the time, a soulful vocal coupled with the magical Organ bass sound from the Korg M1. Tracks like Robin S's Show me Love, MK's remix of the Nightcrawlers – Push the Feeling on will both spring to mind, but it was everywhere – it's almost the sound of a generation.


So, the point is I have particularly fond memories of these tracks, and i'm a massive sucker for that sound – which is good news because todays choice is straight out of that genre.


Soundplate Records have been making a few waves of late in the modern deep house scene, and Oh Boy is a nice modern take on that classic sound I've been outlining above.


From the opening stanza and the introduction of the soulful vocal from Daze the track is very obvious about where it's going, and that's no bad thing because you're instantly caught up in the track, knowing it's all about the switch up at the chorus; the introduction of the chords, the busyness of the beat, the re-sampled vocals and effects swing along under the chorus, the sing along vocal, and the general feel of the track is just warm and uplifting.


It's a nice track, really catchy, and simple. It's out the end of October (we got a promo – thank you), put it in your diary.


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