25 Sep

16 Bit Lolitas – Love Left (Original Mix)

I've been listening to a lot of "deep" house this week, and there are a few new releases that have really captured my heart, but one track i've been going back to since I bought it the other day is Love Left by 16 Bit Lolitas.


I honestly know nothing about 16 Bit Lolitas other than they are from Amsterdam, and it kind of shows through in the music.


As you'll know, if you are a regular reader, I love melodies. I guess that's a bit of an odd statement, because surely everyone does no? But what I really love are repetitive, arpeggiated melodies that roll and change very gradually over time, and Love Left is a track built entirely around a big rolling arpeggiated Melody, a simple but captivating walking bass line and a lovely effected vocal sample that drifts up and down.


It just a really warm, and enveloping track that wraps you up like a big washy dose of Novocaine, pulls you along, zones you out, builds and drops you at all the most perfect of moments. The thing I like about ti is there are certainly elements of the more traditional dutch house styles – slightly trance like, but not really, builds and drops and a slight break running through the beat giving it a nice shuffle and swing that makes you feel like you're ona  train ride through a far distant beautiful land.


The track is out on their Stardust EP on Anjunadeep, a label who we've featured before on a few occasions. The Ep is pretty strong, though i'm not a fan of the title track Love Left and Sediment are both smashing slices of progressive deep house.




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